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How Malie is Able to Help 72% More Customers with Shout

Learn how Shout's bot feature allowed Malie to interact with 72% more customers on a daily basis, and how you can see these same results in your own business today.

Malie is the Customer Service Director at Verdad Tech, a tech startup based in Utah. In this role, Malie is the sole person responsible for helping customers and creating a positive customer experience. Through her interactions, she had found that a majority of customers came to her with the same questions or pain points. She also found that, as the company grew, so did the number of inquiries.


Malie needed a solution to help her manage a high volume of customer relationships with quality.


With Shout’s Bot feature, Malie was able to set up an automation to create a live chat flow for customers.

Bots: Instead of leaving customers waiting after their initial outreach, the Bot feature entered them into a live chat flow that gathered their information and got a basic understanding of what their needs were. This helped customers feel acknowledged and heard, and allowed Malie to jump into the conversation with an idea of how to help.


By automating part of customer interactions, Malie was able to spend her time engaging with customers in a more meaningful way.

Implementing the Shout Bot maximized Malie’s time by gathering foundational details for her, allowing her to focus on problem solving and relationship building. Thanks to Shout Bots, Malie is able to interact with 72% more customers on a daily basis and provide meaningful solutions to their issues at hand.

To learn how to create and send a bot within Shout, click here.


Stop sweating the small stuff and start automating your business with Shout. With Bots, it’s almost as if you have your own personal assistant to handle the routine interactions and redundant aspects of your business. And let’s face it - who wouldn’t love a personal assistant?

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