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How Shout Helps Morgan Maintain a Full-Time Business on Part-Time Hours

Morgan Foster is a full-time wife and mom, full-time business owner (of TWO businesses!), and full-time team leader. When she’s not mentoring her team or nurturing her customers, she’s connecting with her family and nurturing her own hobbies and interests.

Several years ago, Morgan found herself in need of a tool to help her manage a quickly growing team and business. The amount of time she was spending checking in with team members, following up with customers, and troubleshooting product issues had gotten out of hand.

The Problem

Morgan’s business involves a lot more than just selling products. As a social seller, she has to find prospective customers all on her own. From there, she has to nurture relationships with each connection, manage product inventory, fulfill orders, ship products, and follow up with each customer to ensure satisfaction. On top of all that, she trains team members and close connections on how to grow their own businesses.

Morgan knew she was spending too much time on tasks that could be automated. “I’m a firm believer that if it doesn’t take your personality, delegate it,” she said.

Morgan’s Approach

Morgan is a self-described “automation junkie” and wanted a solution that would help her work smarter, not harder. “Shout was exactly that,” she said.

After a friend introduced her to Shout, Morgan began utilizing the platform to its fullest to automate almost every part of her business.

Team Onboarding: As a direct seller, Morgan’s businesses involve onboarding team members and helping them get familiar with products, marketing tips, company culture, and more. Some of the teams she’s been on include thousands of members.

“The thought of having to plug in all of that information and take literal weeks to set something up was time I did not have,” Morgan recalled.

She began utilizing Shout’s bot and drip features to seamlessly onboard team members. She uses conversation bots to collect new team member information, and drip campaigns to deliver welcome messages, helpful advice for newcomers, and information about upcoming product launches.

Morgan describes the amount of time she’s saved by utilizing bots and drips as “something I can’t even put into words.”

“When you sit down and calculate how much time you’re checking in with down lines, checking in with your team, trying to answer the same question over and over again, it’s a night and day difference,” she said.

Order Management & Shipping: Once Morgan felt comfortable onboarding her team to Shout, she began utilizing Shout to bolster her customer service. She manages orders, invoices, and shipping labels all within Shout.

  • Bots—Morgan utilizes bots to collect order information. She simply sets up a trigger word and customers can text her that trigger word to order products.
  • Orders & Invoicing—After a customer places an order, Morgan can easily create and send a new invoice without leaving the Shout app. 
  • Shout Shipping—Once her customers complete payment, Morgan utilizes Shout’s shipping suite to create labels, send tracking information, and notify customers when their package has been delivered.

Shout’s order management system helped change the way Morgan does business.

“When I could go in when a customer placed an order and click a single button to do a follow-up, that just changed my life,” she said.

Customer Feedback: Morgan understands the importance of following up with customers after they’ve received an order. As such, she set up a bot that reaches out to customers and asks for feedback.

“No one noticed that it had become automated,” Morgan recalled. “My customers have no clue it’s not me. They think they’re talking to me because it’s my verbiage.”

The Results

By utilizing numerous Shout features in numerous ways, Morgan was able to increase her sales, improve customer service, and help more team members.

She recalled setting up her first Black Friday bot before leaving on vacation. “The amount of sales I made plus the amount of happy customers from one bot was enough to make me a lifer. My family was grateful, I was grateful, and my customers were like, ‘that was so easy!’”


In Morgan’s words, Shout “helped take my business to full-time on part-time hours.”

Shout can help grow your business, too. Download the app to start utilizing automations, seamless order management, and easier-than-ever shipping.

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