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How Amber Says YES to Her Kids and Businesses with Shout

Shout helped Amber drastically reduce the time she spends on routine conversations and simultaneously helped her improved customer expectations and interactions.

By day, Amber homeschools her 4 young children and keeps her home and family running. By night, she manages two successful businesses and manages hundreds of customer interactions.

She launched her first business four years ago, shortly after giving birth to her second child. As her businesses and family have continued to grow, she’s needed a solution to help cut down the amount of time she spends managing customer questions, orders, and follow-ups.

The Problem

When Amber launched her first business, she relied heavily on Facebook to build her business. She used Facebook groups to promote new products and upcoming sales, as well as direct messages to follow up with customers about orders and shipping. Not only did Facebook make connecting with customers extremely time-consuming, in early 2019 Amber started noticing that her reach in her Facebook group had dramatically decreased.

“All of my groups are dead because of the algorithm,” Amber recalled. “No one was seeing anything.”

Amber’s Approach

Amber’s friend introduced her to Shout right as the platform was launching. (In fact, she was part of Shout’s first beta group!) Amber recognized the potential time-saving benefits right away and over the years has implemented several Shout features to streamline her businesses.

Messaging Bots: Amber built her entire sales funnel—for both of her businesses—utilizing Shout’s Bot feature. Instead of sending a Google form to a customer via Facebook Messenger each time an order comes in, she built an order bot that automatically responds to customers and gathers all the information she needs to complete the sale.

“Customers love it,” Amber said. “It streamlines the process and makes it very straightforward. They love the flexibility and accessibility of being able to message me and place an order in the same place.”

Not only do order bots save Amber a lot of time and effort, they also help keep her customers happy. Before using Shout, Amber sometimes couldn’t respond to customers for several hours because she homeschools her kids. Thanks to Shout, she can keep her business available to her customers even when she can’t be.

“The bots are my lifeline,” Amber said. “Having that automated response is really important to me. It makes me feel like I can say yes to my kids and customers at the same time.”

Message Scheduling: Like many parents who stay at home by day, Amber spends a lot of time working on her business at night. That means that sometimes when she’s ready to send a message, her customers are often fast asleep. Rather than messaging customers in the middle of the night or writing the messages and waiting until morning to send them, Amber started utilizing Shout’s scheduling feature that allows users to create a message and schedule it to send at a later time.

“Scheduling messages has been a dream come true,” Amber said. “It’s such a big draw for me to not leave my customers hanging.”

The Results

By moving her messaging platform from Facebook to Shout, Amber saved herself thousands of hours of work. She went from spending 2–3 days following up with customers each time she hosted a promotion but now, she only spends a few hours setting up her bots and scheduling her messages. “I don’t know that I could even quantify how much time I’ve saved,” Amber said. “Shout’s knocked it down to a few hours.”

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Shout helped Amber say yes to her business, her family, and most importantly, herself. Shout’s Bots helped drastically reduce the time she spends on routine conversations and simultaneously improved customer expectations and interactions.

Say yes to whatever you’re trying to build. Get started for free today by downloading Shout in the app store or clicking here.

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