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Your Customers Want to Hear From You More Than You May Think

We all know that communication is essential in any relationship; the same goes for business.

We all know that communication is essential in any relationship; the same goes for business. Your customers want to hear from you regularly for several reasons. For example, they want to hear about solutions to their problems, how you can satisfy their needs, and how you may have helped others in the past.

This blog post will discuss the importance of communication in business and why your customers want to hear from you more than you may think. Read on!

You Want Loyal Customers, Right?

It's no secret that many consumers are loyal to their favorite brands and retailers. We often stick with the same companies because they provide good service, quality products, and competitive prices. However, research shows that regular communications can keep customers loyal.

In fact, "96% of adults like to receive some sort of information from stores they frequent," according to the big data firm, Synqera.

At Shout, we already know that people like getting text messages. Our whole bread and butter is based upon that fact and helping our customers use SMS text messaging effectively as part of their overall marketing strategy.

That's why we believe it's so important for you to understand that your customers want — and even need — you to reach out to them consistently and regularly. And in today's marketplace, that means using SMS texts and a platform like Shout.

For example, you could be sending out texts that:

  • Allow your customers to get to know you and your values better
  • Make sure your customers know you value them as people
  • Showcase case studies or testimonials from happy existing customers
  • Offer deals on products or services that help your customers in some way
  • Show how much money they're saving by shopping/working with you

Listen, there can be a fine line between sending the “correct” number of messages and spamming your customers.

But if you keep it to a cadence of about once per week (with the caveat that some campaigns will require more), you can ensure regularity and stay top of mind without fear of alienating most people.

More importantly, you can consistently stay in touch with your customers and build loyalty by giving them what they need.

Customers Want to Hear About Your Solutions

Everyone has issues, and everybody loves the person or business who can solve those issues for them.

If you can provide a solution to a customer's problem and you can do it better than a competitor can, they are more likely to do business with you.

"Better" usually translates to:

  • higher quality
  • faster; or
  • lower price

If you can communicate that kind of value to your customers, they will be happy to hear from you. But it's not just that.

Telling your customers about the solutions you provide demonstrates that you actually care about solving their problems.

If they see that you are constantly coming up with new solutions or improving existing ones, they will very likely trust you and stay loyal to your brand.

Customers Want You to Be Transparent and Honest

Demonstrating honesty and transparency in your communications is always the best policy for dealing with customers.


Eighty-six percent of Americans believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever before, according to Sproutsocial. Customers want to hear from you more when you demonstrate a little integrity.

Have a shipment that's coming in late? Be honest and let customers know there will likely be a delay in receiving their order.

The crucial thing to remember is this: customers want to be respected and kept in the loop.

Whether it's about a new product launch, an update on an existing order, or even a holiday greeting, staying connected with your customer base is key to maintaining a successful business.

Your Customers Want to Hear Personalized Messages

It's one thing to discuss how you helped others or the general ways you may be able to solve some of your customers' most significant issues.

It's another thing entirely to zero in on a specific customer's needs and then show how you can meet them.

You're taking your communications to the next level when you can address an individual customer's wants, needs, and desires by utilizing data (such as purchase history).

This is the kind of messaging that today's customers crave. By showing your customers that they're not just a number, you're building trust, which is something every business should strive for.

They Want to Hear How You Helped Others

Your customers want to know that you're reliable, and one of the best ways to show that is by sharing stories of how you've helped other customers in the past.

When a customer can see that you have a history of successfully helping others, they'll be more likely to trust you with their own needs.

Plus, these stories serve as valuable social proof that can help sway undecided prospects in your favor.

Hearing about how you helped other people achieve their goals makes your customers feel good and builds confidence that you can do the same for them.

Your Customers Want to Hear About Your Problems

Your customers want to hear about the things that keep you up at night.

You have your own life experiences, needs, desires, and unique problems you're dealing with.

And the thing is, those things are often incredibly similar to the life experiences and challenges your customers deal with on a daily basis.

Your customers want to hear from you when they know you can relate to them. But, nobody wants to hear sob stories with no happy ending, right?

Your customers will appreciate it when you detail some relatable, relevant challenge you faced - and then how you overcame it. (By the way, if you can tie that into the service or product you're offering, you may have found a winning marketing angle too.)

Your Customers Want Sound Bites

Now, what we're going to say here may sound like we're contradicting much of what we said above. Stick with us for a second.

When it comes to text messages, your customers want to hear from you. There's no question.

But they want easily consumable texts and group messages. They want to be able to read your message quickly.

So, here's what you can do to communicate effectively, give your customers what they want, and do it all while using text messages as your starting point.

  • Plan out your communications beforehand, know what you want to say
  • Always be succinct
  • If a subject deserves more thought or explanation, which is often the case, link out to a relevant blog or social media post

The great thing about texting is that when customers hear from you, they can typically respond. It's not a one-way street. It's a conversation.

Remember that people are usually on the go when they receive a text message, so ensuring your texts are digestible is essential.

To Sum Up

To keep your customers loyal, it's essential that you communicate with them on a regular basis. Not only do they want to hear from you about your solutions, but they also want to know how you've helped others in the past and what challenges you may be facing currently.

If you're honest and transparent with them, they will continue to trust and rely on you to satisfy their needs.