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What's New With Shout? January's New Features and Enhancements

New feature highlights to help you connect more genuinely with your audience, work more efficiently with automations, and sustainably grow your business or community.

Shout started nearly three years ago as a simple text app built for social sellers to assist in marketing and customer service. We’ve added a lot of features since then and we’ve grown into a community and communication hub for all — no algorithms, no shadow bans, no ads, and no spam.

We're constantly making improvements and adding features to help you connect more genuinely with your audience, work more efficiently with automations, and sustainably grow your business or community.

Here are a few highlights of new features we added to Shout in January 2022:

SHOUT FOLDERS — Now available on web and in the mobile app

Folders are kind of like Google Drive but better because you can add anything you want from Shout to the folder, including bots, drips, and recurring events.

You can also:

  • Share images, files, and other folders
  • Share message templates, quick responses, and Short Links
  • See who's viewed your content, who's added content of their own, and who’s duplicated your folder and added it to their own.
  • Add a description and cover photo to brand your Folders for your business, team, or group.

Folders are great for onboarding new team members, keeping your family group chat organized, or coordinating with customers.



Shout Files help you save time by avoiding uploading images, videos, and documents from your computer multiple times. Now you can easily add an existing file within Shout to any folder or message without having to upload it again.

Shout Files are a great place to keep content you frequently send to contacts, such as order forms, surveys, and templates.



Much like our popular Quick Responses feature, Message Templates allow you to save messages and attachments you send frequently to reuse later. But unlike quick responses, the template replaces the contents of your message composer with the text, attachments, and schedule from your template.

Message Templates come in handy if you want your team, colleagues, or classmates to use specific content and/or specific attachments.


CONTACT CARDS (also known as V-Cards)

Create, edit, share, and send messages to contact cards right in Shout. Contact cards package all your contact info into an easy-to-share card that you can download and send via text or QR code. Configure your contact card and add it to any message right from the message composer.

Contact Cards are great for improving engagement with your customers and audience, especially when texting. Text a Contact Card to a contact or post the QR code to your Instagram Story to allow them to save your phone number directly to their device.



We’ve made it easier to manage what others see when they interact with you via Shout Group Chat, Shout Folders, or the Shout contact search with the Shout Profile.



You can now add GIPHY .gif files right from the composer on the Shout web application and add it to any message.



In addition to the new features we’ve mentioned, we’ve also made the following enhancements to the Shout experience:

  • There are no more character limits on Shout-to-Shout direct messages.
  • Share Links have been renamed to Invite Links.
  • You can now add a profile photo and custom rich text to Groups. You can also add rich text to Group Chat descriptions and Community Page descriptions.
  • Muted group chat notifications no longer show as unread messages on the home screen.
  • New unread indicator in the mobile conversation threads list makes it easier to tell which threads you haven’t read yet.
  • Tap the mute button when viewing a contact’s profile to correctly toggle the icon to show if the conversation is muted or unmuted.
  • Tap the text or the label to select a setting when changing notification settings on a group chat.
  • All name fields in the app now default to a capital letter at the beginning of each word.