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Looking for an alternative to Emotive?

Run a small business? In the market for a text marketing solution? Compare Shout and Emotive's platforms.

Run a small business? In the market for a text marketing solution? If so, you may be wondering what the difference is between Shout and Emotive, two SMS marketing platforms that cater to small businesses.

Read this article for a full comparison of Shout and Emotive.

Similar SMS Features, Different Price Points

Shout and Emotive offer similar core SMS messaging features, including:

  • Automated text messaging
  • Customer service texting
  • SMS broadcast messaging
  • Mass texting
  • eCommerce chat feature
  • Text payments
  • Keyword opt-ins
  • CRM with text messaging

Shout also offers in-app direct messaging (including group chats), order fulfillment, and a native shipping dashboard.

Emotive offers mobile-optimized signup forms and extensive campaign automation options based on audience segmentation.

Emotive’s platform and insights cater to the fashion, beauty, fitness, food & beverage, home goods, and lifestyle industries. Emotive’s plans start at $200/month, making it one of the most expensive SMS marketing platforms available.

Shout’s SMS messaging plans start at $5/month, making it a competitive solution for every kind of small business, particularly social sellers, sales team leaders, local artisans, and influencers who want to build their audience through text marketing.

Emotive’s Conversational Ads

Emotive’s core user base is eCommerce brands. The platform integrates with Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, and Woocommerce, making it a great solution for eCommerce brands who want to grow their audiences outside of social media and their website.

Emotive’s Conversational Ads products allows brands to capture prospective customers’ phone numbers and addresses directly from a Facebook or Instagram ad. This type of ad leads to a text and email signup form, which gives brands the opportunity to capture contact information at the top of the funnel instead of through a website popup much later down the funnel.

Shout’s Direct Messaging & Group Chat

Shout’s core user base is social sellers—members of the gig economy who need a platform where they can communicate with their customers and their team members in the same place. In addition to SMS messaging and text marketing solutions, Shout offers free in-app direct messaging, including group chat.

Shout’s group chat feature is a powerful tool for social selling team leaders to collaborate with other leaders, onboard and educate their teams, and grow on their own terms without the hassle of algorithms or shadow bans.

Shout’s Orders & Shipping Dashboard

Shout is popular among social sellers because it offers a powerful orders management system to enable the smallest of business owners to get paid quickly and easily. Shout’s order dashboard allows you to:

  • Integrate your Square account and create Square invoices in Shout
  • Create manual orders in Shout
  • Send invoices and receipts via text, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Track order status (invoiced, paid, shipped)
  • Schedule follow up messages

Shout also makes it easy to fulfill orders with its comprehensive shipping dashboard. You can buy and print shipping labels within the app, as well as:

  • Compare shipping services and rates
  • Insure packages
  • Print packing slips
  • Schedule USPS pickups
  • Tracking shipping status
  • Automatically text tracking alerts and delivery updates to customers

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World-Class Customer Support

Both Shout and Emotive are known for their world-class customer support teams. Shout support is available at virtually any time of day or night via direct message in the Shout app. Emotive offers dedicated support managers for all clients. Both are staffed by compliance experts and industry leaders who can help your business grow.

Powerful Tools Included With Every Shout Account

Shout includes a powerful set of tools with every account, including:

  • Free, unlimited Shout-to-Shout messaging, including group messages and group chats
  • Community Pages so you can supplement or replace your Facebook Groups for team management
  • Messaging automations, including bots and drip campaigns
  • Orders and Invoices dashboard
  • Shipping dashboard
  • Chat Plugins for your website